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And the alien did decree: Domicile : Infested
3:45 PM - Wednesday, Jan. 08, 2020

Before the nonsense, & After the bullshit.

I find myself here - always looking at this like it's an old friend to come tattle on everything else with.

I'm not even sure what I want to write.. I didn't exactly come in with anything on hand.

The last couple of days have been so-so. I've done a lot of cleaning.. but you would never know. I've had help, too.. which makes this all the more sad.

Mom is going to let me over for a shower. I have a hella hole in mine from water damage. It's been there since Dec 24ish, but reported by the 26thish. This is.. how much later?

The landlord sounded almost as fatigued as I feel, when I called. I don't think these people can keep up .. with the upkeep. Floors go unvacuumed for weeks.. corners get missed for months. Damages seem to take an eternity to deal with. Now the buildings (both) have rats. My building has 3 varieties of ants in it. I only have to deal with the yellow ones.

I think the toughest thing this winter will be the absolute lack of sanding/deicing of the parking lot. I've almost fallen 2, 3x. I bet it's worse for elderly folk.. which is what 90% of the people here are...

Mom isn't giving a a time to come out yet..

Maybe I'll play with that harmonica set a bit...?

Before the nonsense, & After the bullshit.


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