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And the alien did decree: Introductions
4:02 PM - Sunday, Mar. 07, 2010

Before the nonsense, & After the bullshit.

Here I am,
Starting a new webjournal.

Let's see if it lasts, hmm? What brought it on this time? My sister -- she's 7-or-so months pregnant; she told me today that she wished she'd kept a journal from the beginning of the pregnancy. I told her it wasn't too late to start; I may email her later, reminding her that I can still dink with a layout for her.

In this point in time in my life, I am undergoing a kind of crisis. I'm in the beginning stages of accepting my life as being that of a homosexual; I'm still dealing with the aftermath of a mental breakdown from 3 years ago; I'm struggling desperately beneath a haze of depression and lost desires.

All in all, I've realized that things are not alright; not at all. I'm poor -- but, such is life for someone on government assistance. I'm the kind of poor that when my paycheck comes in, it's all gone the following week. I'm living a kind of la-di-dah mental avoidance about the whole dilemma.

The crown of the cake? I have a stalker.

Yeah -- I'm actually being stalked, somewhat.

I can't tell my mom, nor my sister, nor my dad. I told my brother once, while manic. He assumed it was another delusion. I did too, initially. Somehow, the evidence piled up -- and not just apparent to me. There are phone calls, and 'presents'. Ah, but -- we'll explore that another time.

So, Internet: I'm back. I really am.

Before the nonsense, & After the bullshit.


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