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And the alien did decree: LIVE THROUGH THIS?
5:48 AM - Saturday, Mar. 21, 2020

Before the nonsense, & After the bullshit.

As it stands --
I'm not sure if we'll live through this.

I'm going back and forth between: "I'mma be ok!" and "DEAR LAWD, THE END OF THE WURRRRRRLD".

If this is a last entry, I want people to know, in the event of me being dead -- you guys rock, here at Diaryland. I'm sorry I spent so little time here since hacking back in to this account.

Part of it is the haywire nature this site is left in. I genuinely wish I had $300+ to send to Andrew to make the changes roll faster around here.

Another part.. I'm dismayed greatly by what I DID find in this account.. like.. geeze.. I had NO sense of public/personal boundaries. Nooooo filter for what I might leave. BUT!! This *is* the one place online I felt completely unfiltered, so....

I'm in a weird mood, with this Corona crap. I'm somewhere between: "I could die.. you know what's fun? Flan. Let's get flan this grocery delivery.." and, "Dear lawd, if I live through this, will I be left like a Robinson Crusoe situation? Or will it go back to being normal life..??"

I'm someone most people expected the indoors-ness of being isolated would be handled well and easily. I'm turning in to the opposite. I AM the issue.. still going out when possible... BUT, no symptoms; I could be a carrier.

I'm torn up about payday. WTF do I do about that?I can't "order" everything.. some of this shit requires going out. I am in stupidly low supply of my main art supplies -- green painter's tape, and black gel pens. I will HAVE to get the gel pens.. the tape is somewhat more optional...

It looks like I'm ordering a shade screen for my deck; there has been 0% anyone ok with taking me to where it is sold, in town. I know deeply I need this for my own comfort -- I will be spending my summer on the deck.


Before the nonsense, & After the bullshit.


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