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And the alien did decree: Not ready for legit sponsors, so, time to work a job and give better haircuts
3:54 AM - Wednesday, Aug. 04, 2021

Before the nonsense, & After the bullshit.

I'm feeling ok,
Maybe even kinda good about being here:

...Sitting on D-land, yet again; and, this being one of those moments I HAVE a goddamn WORKING PC ~!!!

((HELLS yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~!!!))

So, last we trailed off -- I had been working my first shift with my mom; at this point, this is several weekends on/off I've been working. At this stage, my mom lent me the $$$ to get this computer; I will likely be finding ways to pay it off, for weeks.. so that my work pay comes back, ASAP.

We haven't even told y'all about the finding of said computer, and details about it, itself. ((We preface this next part with, this inspires a parody song -- "Sweet PCs Are Made Like These" -- Eurythmics/"Sweet Dreams are Made of These"...))

Goes a lot like this ~

* Spotted a FB ad after about 30 minutes of casual surfing for just-towers
* Ad said something to the effect of "Dest Top PC" or "Dest Top Computer"
* Ad was up 5 days, item had gone down $50 during this
* ((Computer was listed at $150 at the time I got it.. wow, what a DEALLLLLL!!))
* Came as 98% of the whole rig, keyboard, screen, etc..
* Only missing one wire and a mouse
* Took a chance on the listing: mostly hunch based//seeing a whole system being sold for what towers alone were asking
* Was questioned plenty, mostly by tech-smarter friends and relatives, ​about specs the seller would have likely not known/would not have wanted to put effort in to finding
* Spent a few hours cleaning in my place, in case it mattered
* It was delivered safely, chaperoned by the presence of my boyfriend, since I'd gotten mildly spooked about a potential situ of the guy entering my home
* The dude never got past the lobby, handing us parts and driving away
* We set it up, and like.. 3 days (?) later, *still* here, lounging on adding all the apps/programs I desire

THEN, we get the deets:

* Computer's best two features are SURPRISE ones: a 1TB harddrive & bluetooth capacity
* New screen is lovely; the old one.. was.. like.. 2010 or earlier??
* New speakers were the only thing "missing" a piece -- an easily replaced wire, based on my usual habits of hoarding the useful bits.. ((WALL-E??? Is that me~?!))
* Tower itself appears to be a custom (?) build, 2014 ish
* Tower fits the target for the situation.. amazingly well
** (TARGETS: 8yrs old or less; some level of video card ((internal, in the motherboard, integrated.. oh well)); new parts were needed, and expected before to need time and collection from all over...)
* The extras are so epic to get, let alone that they WORRRRRRRRRRRRRK.. omgggggg


* My last good tower was like.. 2-3 of 'em, ago?
* Best computer had been dubbed Dinoputer; one after had been Jane; one after had been Frankenputer. Newest one.. no name yet.. hmm... 🤔
* Dino went out in the trash, due to an invasive hacker -- alas
* Jane is still here.. what's left after prying out all the better parts
* Frank is under this desk, waiting for the same treatment Jane got
* Two spare "twins" towers' fates: likely to be tossed, or given out on FB for DIY-ers
* A buddy sold me Frankenputer.. THE biggest lemon a friend ever sent home with me
* Buddy and I are still not speaking, and I presume he'd be a diva now
* Have decided never to ask for hardware help again
* (but give him more benefit of my listening about software, if at all...)
* (OK.. so he saved my terabyte//this counts, but there's more to unpack on why he never gets firmware from me to tinker on, any time soon...)
* Previous to getting said New & Yet-Unnamed Computer, I'd spent from March until now whining to ANYONE WITH POWER TO AID IN THIS AT ALLLLLLLLLLLL about howwwwwwwwww much I wanted something to work
* Am finally content, for now, that I have a machine of dece quality and potential

The universe seems to have known that I needed a bunch of upgrades in my shit.. thanks, and all that, f'real... 👌

Before the nonsense, & After the bullshit.


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