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And the alien did decree: New job, new me?
4:02 PM - Saturday, Jun. 12, 2021

Before the nonsense, & After the bullshit.

Today, I am at my new job..
At the moment, I'm waiting for my part to begin.

How to describe, and get the vibe of where I am in this particular day. It's a cute little business, and I can't wait to see how my mom's touch affects it, now that she's bought it.

Yup: I got a job working for my mom.

It's something; I've had no work since 2018 or so. I've done the "artisan for sale" lifestyle, previous to COVID, so by this, our current point.. it was a complete explosion of other people to compete with.

So, a brand new job. A new chapter. Soon.. new hairdo (I hope), and new glasses... New clothes would help my shapeshifting urge greatly. I once estimated that it would take $1k to fulfill most of this urge entirely.

First thing I *do* need: comfy work shoes. That will be a must. Some kind of chaste, but summer-able clothes... That is needed. When I came today, my first day, I was somewhat dressed more for the actual duties and not for customer interactions.

I will be sure to tell the MH-A people this. They help get me supplies.

I'm glad.. because my family can't always, and won't forever be able to aid in these circumstances...


I have maybe 40min, an hour to kill.

I chose this, of all my ability to use tech, mostly because this had the best chance of being the quietest, least annoying thing I can do.

I am well aware I don't need to showboat here. It could be good for me, to have this exposure and experience to "shut tf up" and "watch and learn". This is kinda hard; not going to lie. I like listening to their banter, the customers.. very hard to not inject my own queries...

But. It is interesting to watch my mom chat people up. She's good at this, reminds me of a buddy I know who owns a bookstore (oh yes, in 2021.. he still is *that* awesome local character..).

This is a bit hard on the wrist. I may switch to YT videos with a headset...??

It's possibly an excellent time to look up finger drumming? Or do I sit, and passively observe, while trying very hard to *look* distracted..?

Before the nonsense, & After the bullshit.


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