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And the alien did decree: Regale us with tales of online shopaholism..?
12:35 AM - Tuesday, Apr. 13, 2021

Before the nonsense, & After the bullshit.

Dyed my hair a mildly failed
Shade of grey.

Grey is a trendy color right now, but I've wanted to do my hair grey since 2005-6. I'm glad to have done it, even if it half-failed.

I'm chilling with my best friend, we're watching a Kurt Cobain doc; we're both tooling around at misc art stuff. I brought crochet ~ of course, my wrists and fingers are weak and sore. I bought Sharpies ~ forgot to bring paper. ((FOILED AGAIN..!)). I basically have nothing to entertain myself.. yet have brought so much to try to keep busy.

I let out two "albums" of kareoke-esque raps over premade beats (last month). I now have to become a DJ on top of learning rap ~ it turns out I'm advancing in vocal delivery, but still suck at splicing a beat together. Bah, bah humbuggers. It turns out in the rap world that one must make beats and perform well enough. I'm still learning what makes a good beat or a rap work. Bahhhhhhhhhhhh. I'm tired of jack-of-all-everything'ing it. Eegah.

My home is slowly turning around. Each room is slowly being processed. I like watching the living room look nicer by the week. I briefly thought of acoustic blanketing my entire living room with moving blankets. Skipped doing it after realizing I'm stuck with the sounds of construction dimly buzzing in my recorded work for the next two seasons.

Expecting to need a dentist sooooooooon: my front tooth is rotting again. I'm so fortunate that my teeth have had what care they have, in recent years. This is annoying, but not dire in appearance (yet..).

Other than telling more tales about me and my silly online shopping addiction.. I'm kinda tapped for the moment.

Before the nonsense, & After the bullshit.


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