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And the alien did decree: Yet another other entry
3:27 AM - Sunday, Dec. 29, 2019

Before the nonsense, & After the bullshit.

Part of what makes me feel sad about being in the psych ward atm is that I'm going to miss what could be my grandpa's final birthday party.

I could gladly miss New Years' -- it's just another party holiday I never get invited to. My grandpa.. I hope he won't be disappointed. I'm so worried wtf to tell my mom~!!

I really want to have a quick smoke. I get that that's not something they can exactly lemme do; I get what time it is. I get that I could be a flight risk. I get they don't have a security-escort for these situations...

I might ask for a mild sedative, as I'm entirely wide awake. Ijust have one fuck of a cough. It's decided to be a dry one.. just as the nurse and I were speaking of me "coughing up"( 🤣) a sample..

But, basically, the headache and the coughing is keeping me from drifting, and the feeling I'm going to be roused from a deep nap to move to the appropriate part of this complex.

I guess seeing things like Netflix's "Nurses Who Kill" (or .. whatever the title was?), or whatever..I would have thought I'd be more paranoid of where I am. I'm oddly calm.. not even grouchy. I feel.. drained, if anything...?

I am so glad I packed stuff to do. I'm even more glad that I put a stylus pen in so many things -- I left all my penkit at home with "the good one". I see the one with me sucks.

Looks like i'mma need a stylus. The one here is terrible..

Fine.. if I can't keyboard.. maybe I might sleep.

Before the nonsense, & After the bullshit.


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